Hayley Barkla

Amery Awakenings
Beautiful original artwork channeled
from within and beyond. 
Inspired to awaken.  


~ Australia

Elisabeth Tassit

My highest joy is to accompany sensitive and emotional persons to overcome obstacles, release blockages, and to bloom into their awakening path.


~ France

Emmanuelle Pries

I am a vibrational teacher, and I am here to remind you how to access your innate wisdom so that you can create the life that you want.


~ Germany

Leia Kumara

Leia is a Fire Singer, an Ambassador of Compassion, and a Soul Priestess. She assists in manifesting Heart's Desires and offers guidance on daily practices of living through Heart guidance.


Jennifer Christianson

Helping You Be the Light that You Are.

Intuitive Soul Insights is focused on providing high-quality service, listening to your goals and helping you with healing spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically.


Yienan Star Light Song

Artist, healer, teacher, writer and sacred dancer. Her Wearable Art is created from a meditative state. She shares the frequency of her inner visions through her handmade wearable arts available in her Etsy store.


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Let Earth Rise

Collaborators to empower your soul

Please welcome these friends, colleagues, guides, teachers, mentors, and co-travelers on the path of spiritual enlightenment. Thank you for offering your support to these talented folks as they discover and share their unique gifts and talents with YOU and the world.
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