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Nine Days of Focused Prayers to Celebrate Peace on International Women’s Day

March 8-16, 2015

Peace Prayer for the Soul

Join us in the upcoming Peace Prayer for the Soul (#PeacePrayerForTheSoul), a joint project conducted by Blanca Dominguez (Ecotourism for the Soul) and Shawnna Donop (Let Earth Rise.)  

Based on an original desire to be devoted peace promoters and to usher in an era of peace in Colombia, we are excited take this opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day (#IWD, #IWD2015) by offering a Virtual Peace Sanctuary where you can join us for nine days of consecutive peaceful focus and intended prayer to complete a Novena, which will assist in bringing about the evolution of positive change in the world.

Everyone is invited, and we are specifically inviting devotees from all over the world with our focused peace ambassadors in Austin, Texas, in Colombia, and in Mexico to pray for world peace and reflect on how we can each contribute personal efforts to become peace promoters.
We are bringing forth Saint Jude, who is the Patron of difficult causes, and we are actively praying a novena to him in order to help bring peace to all the countries in the world in need of peaceful relief from conflict. The novena includes a daily prayer and intention/reflection in honor of St. Jude, and the three additional prayers (as noted in the novena calendar) are included: Our Father, Hail Mary, and Gloria. It is also suggested to have a mindful focus on the daily reflections.

We ask that you please devote 15-20 minutes of your day to visit our Virtual Peace Sanctuary and pray for peace to be prevalent within your soul, within your country, and in your beautiful world.

Join us on Sunday to begin the nine-day novena, which consists of the daily recital of focused prayers for nine days. Please recite these included prayers as you proceed through each peace-focused day. 

For easy reference, we encourage you to print our nine-day calendar (English or Espanol) which will enable you to easily keep track of your nine days of prayer progress!

Thank you in advance and Namaste ~ the goodness in me salutes the goodness in you!

Are you new to novenas?  If so, we welcome you to discover more about them and learn how much fun it can be to participate!





Let Earth Rise Shawnna Donop